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Welcome to Universal Business Links Corporate Service Provider (UBLCSP), your ultimate destination for getting the most professional and satisfactory business setup services in Dubai and across UAE.

Setup in UAE

UBLCSP is a business setup consultancy firm based in Dubai that provides assistance and guidance to business investors for establishing their venture in this world class city. Our team of experts ensures that our clients get the best qualitative services which make every aspect of setting up a business in Dubai and UAE a hassle free-experience.
We at UBLCSP work through a team of international consultants and strong government connections to cut the red-tape associated with setting up business in Dubai. This helps our clients to save a considerable amount of time and money besides eliminating the complexities that they are otherwise have to face while completing the process.
By choosing UBLCSP business setup services, the business investors can be assured of their investment is well protected irrespective of the requirement of 51% shares being in the name of a UAE national. In addition we also help them to retain a greater control over the company they set up in Dubai.

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Our currency calculator gives you real time figures based on the our online rate of the day. Simply choose the currency that you want to convert US dollars into and we'll show you the exchange rate history.

Business Setup Consultants in Dubai UAE

A pioneer Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, We at UBLCSP offer comprehensive and efficient business setup solutions to clients enabling them to take advantage of the rapid economic growth of this region for enhanced profitability and success.

Dubai holds a significant attraction for business investors as it offers the benefits of a developed economy, great infrastructure, investor-friendly regulations and political stability. It offers a tax-free environment, which provides the investors with ample opportunities to expand their business with the help of world-class talent readily available here. Dubai is an exciting city with a booming economy that has helped it to emerge as the most preferred destination for business investment. With the city all set to host the World Expo 2020, you can become a part of the phenomenal growth of Dubai by having a business setup here.

However, in order to gain the best benefits of establishing a business setup in Dubai, you need to be aware of the various requirements for the same. Being unaware of the norms and market requirements for the registration of your company in Dubai can make the process extremely time consuming, costly and even tiring. These include a trade license, approvals from the government and the appropriate visas in addition to a local sponsor from UAE. As a leading provider of establishment services, we at UBLSCP can make sure that you fulfill all the necessary requirements in the smooth and satisfactory manner within the shortest possible time.

Our team of internationally experienced executives offers you comprehensive assistance and guidance to make your establishment  simple and hassle free experience. We have served countless clients in an extremely reliable, cost-effective and transparent manner. Our services include assistance with registration of your company, helping you get the company trade licensing, offering PRO services for all government departments in Dubai and even helping you select the right location for your venture. Our simple and risk-free solutions along with our personalized customer support system have helped us become one of the most trusted and preferred names in the field of business setup consultancy in Dubai.

Business Setup In
Dubai, UAE

Dubai has emerged as an ideal investment destination for business community from across the globe. This is primarily due to the presence of great infrastructure, cosmopolitan work space, great connectivity, an ambitious government and the availability of talented workforce. The UAE in genera and Dubai in particular is well known for the ease of business regularities it offers as compared to the other Arabic and Middle Eastern Countries. The natural strategic location of Dubai between the western and eastern economies has also enhanced its significance as a prominent business investment destination.

However, investing in a business setup in Dubai, requires the interested parties to have a thorough knowledge of not only the UAE market but a local sponsor as well. In addition, the investors need to register their company, acquire a trade license and also gain the requisite approvals for setting up the company from the Department of Economic Development. All these tasks can be quite tough, time-consuming and expensive but by hiring the services of UBLCSP, clients can get them done in a timely and cost effective manner.

We work closely with all
Government Agencies

We have been offering business setup consultancy services to interested investors for more than one and half decade. During this time we have been able to establish strong working relationships with the various government agencies in Dubai and UAE. This has proved beneficial for our clients in a big way as we are able to obtain the necessary clearances for them at the earliest, enabling them to set up their ventures within the shortest possible time. We consider it a matter of pride to be the authorized agents for company formation in Dubai as well as for being renowned for offering, fast, reliable and affordable solutions.


Expo 2020
A Time For Exceptional Business Setup Opportunities

Dubai is gearing up to host the grandest events of all times, namely the World Expo 2020, from October 2020 to April 2021. The Expo will offer business investors from across the globe innumerable opportunities to establish trade relations and seek out investment options. By connecting with UBLCSP, you can get a head-start in terms of gaining the best options and opportunities to enhance your business growth.

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