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business formation and survival strategies in times of crisis

Business formation and survival strategies in times of crisis

Business formation and survival during the crisis.

The UAE has been a rising economic centre for several years with state of the art infrastructure, free tax revenues, a reasonable policy and regulatory system, government programmes such as Expo 2020, access to all countries and ongoing progress in economic activity. The UAE is already the perfect choice to create a business, from aspiring tech startups to offshore firms to big multinational giants. The World Bank's 2016 report states that the UAE is listed 31st on the global Easy Doing Index which stresses the promotion of enterprise and socio-economic development.

Finding your type of business to register

You would have to pick a certain kind of firm if you want to take the company formation in Dubai. There are many kinds of organisations from which you can pick. It can vary from an LLC to businesses, divisions, branches, partnerships, enclosed fields, open areas and offshore facilities. Working alongside an experienced team would definitely support you a lot, so try to use that to your advantage. Once you choose the right sort of organisation, we will assist you in no time with the whole business development phase. Business setup in Dubai involves a shareholder arrangement, not least because certain clear business licence criteria must also be met. The minimum conditions for resources are also a significant part here so try to keep this in mind as far as possible.


One of the key factors why firms struggle in their initial year is that they are deficient in money. Either capital is splashed carelessly or disproportionate sums are diverted to parts of the corporation which are not required. Money requires vigilance – only recruit employees who are needed, do not have more than necessary office space and check at alternatives before agreeing to financial spending to get the best price. The cash wants to be carefully handled.


Cost cuts can be a productive means of preserving sustainability as you expect or witness a decrease in incomes. For eg, if you are in an environment like marketing, you might look to run a more virtual company. You will guide the staff and consumers to work together with online resources, rather than wasting money on renting and gas. It is therefore prudent to monitor the operating costs on a regular basis. When did you last move insurance companies to get an affordable rate, are you sure?  Will you buy paper and household products that you don't need?

A downsizing of your headcount could be a final move if you are not necessarily overcharged. Deleting people will influence morality and customer care, plus you're going to need to buy reclassification packages. When you continue to develop and re-engage you will also face recruiting and preparation costs in future.

Managing your customers

Know that during a downturn, the clients experience distress as well. Twice before they invest it they'll transform every penny. When the clients follow the standards of their rates, they will freely share the actions they take and how they influence the customers. Any company that really wants to prosper must know that its consumers are the core players that fuel profits and growth. It is also important that corporations work hard to consider their customer sectors by learning consciously what they desire and what their preferences are. Both primary or secondary analysis is crucial to understand from either avenue what influences will get the brand interest and how overtime evolves.


By linking to experienced experts, you can learn to use your skills in so many online sites. Most are glad to be consulted to have practical solutions to address the potential challenges and dilemmas of an organisation. They may also provide an alternate way of thinking or an outlook that might never have been considered/reflected.