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All about VAT exemptions in Freezons Dubai

What is VAT exempted Freezone in Dubai?

The Free Zone is also known as the Free Trade Zone. In the Free Zone, you will get 100% international business ownership, mainly to improve the foreign businesses in the UAE. There are engaging incentives in Free Zone as they will have exemptions on tax like corporate, personal income, import and export duties, etc. This is available for a UAE National who is a local partner or shareholder. When doing business in the Free Zone, it is mandatory to get the required licenses. You should get it from the respective Free Zone authorizations. You must also keep up with the rules to continue with the same business setup in Dubai.

Designated Zones

There are regions outside the range of VAT in the UAE. These are known as the Designated Zones according to the UAE cabinet. All Free Zones don't come under the Designated Zones range. In order to be exempt from the VAT, there are some rules to be followed. VAT laws are somewhat confusing for Designated Free Zone, as there are several case-by-case dealings between a specified free zone with other VAT-payable companies within the UAE and abroad. It should be involved with a qualified VAT specialist. This should be in order to be mindful of the VAT laws of each operation with the specified organization and of the regulatory requirements.

What are the requirements for Designated Zone?

Those designated zones defined by the council arrangement must follow certain procedures. To be recognized as being outside the state and also the implementation states.

  • The designated area shall be within a particular fenced area
  • Security checks and customs controls should be in order to ensure that people enter and leave and the flow of goods to and from the region.
  • Internal protocols for the storage, processing, and maintenance of goods with the specified area should be enforced
  • The manager of the zone assigned shall comply with the Authority's practices

The Designated zone has to imperatively function with the mentioned conditions. If these policies are not met, or they are not proceeding with the mentioned rules, they will no longer be a part of the Designated zones. They can be considered inside the state and they shall be considered as located outside the designated zone.

What are the points to hold when operating a business in the Designated Zone?

Giving services by a mainland provider:- The area of supply is managed as UAE if it is a designated zone service. This service is quite identical to the free zone and mainland companies in the UAE. Thus there are no unique laws for VAT exemption in the case of services offered in the designated zones. According to the transaction, it will be taxed following the regular VAT laws.

Providing the services in a particular designated zone

Both the supplier and provider being in the designated zone will not have any reach for VAT. But it will be subject to the VAT if the services are to be utilized. Shifting of goods into a Designated ZoneThe shift of assets from a company to the designated zone will have a certain amount of rules to follow.

Transpacific to designated zones

It doesn't form a part of the VAT range when the goods are not touching UAE but going to other nations. Thus the company placed in the UAE is just promoting international trade.

Mainland UAE to Designated Zone

As the shift is done within the UAE, it is just considered a taxable activity. Thus this activity is not recognized as an export from the UAE. With our hassle-free services, we can help you with company formation in Dubai.