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long term visa options in dubai

All about long term visa options in Dubai

UAE government introduced a new scheme that is beneficial for those who wish to work, study, and live in UAE with 100% ownership on UAE mainland and you don't need to search for UAE national sponsors. UAE government process the Long term visa options of 5 to 10 years validity and it will be renewed automatically. Long-term visa options in UAE play a major role in shaping the future global economy and it attracts budding entrepreneurs for business setup in Dubai and focuses on inviting a good deal of foreign investment.

As a part of the new scheme market research professionals, outstanding students for educational purposes, business investors, administrative and executives, business individuals, and medical and scientific professionals are granted permission to remain 5 to 10 years time period in UAE.

Investor visa services in UAE

There are different types of investor visa options granted by the UAE under the following conditions. People inside the UAE and from abroad can avail the investment options which can be drawn out visa services in uae into the following categories.

  • 5-year residence visa with a minimum venture of Dh5 million.Individuals who have land property worth 5 million or more will be qualified for applying for a 5-year visa. It should be completely claimed and demonstrated by records indicating land venture maintenance at a fixed rate over three years. And 5-year visa can be given spouse and children, business partners, and 3  of the executive directors. If the entrepreneur's previous project worth Dh 5 million approved by the authority is also accepted for an investor visa.
  • 10-year residence visa with a minimum venture of Dh 10 million in any event 60% non-land speculation, generally, addicted for individual who owns a public venture through the company setup Dubai or expansion of their organization for upcoming business. General investors with dh 10 million will be more concerned about a sustainable residency visa like clockwork. They have a standard monetary obligation not surpassing their investment and should be contributed over a broadened business portfolio.

visas for researchers and specialists in science and knowledge


Scientists, researchers, doctors in the science and knowledge field will be granted a10 year long term visa. A doctorate degree or an award of certification is mandatory for doctors and scientists working in this field. Creative professionals and those who work in the art field are also eligible for this visa.

The other conditions are

  •  contribution to extensive scientific research 
  • In distinguished journals, published papers, or scientific books 
  • Membership of a business that requires quality to qualify 
  • 10 years of practical experience in the field of jobs 
  • Scientists have to be certified by the Council of Emirates Scientists.

Outstanding student visa services

A five-year visa would be available for students who have received a grade of at least 95 percent in high school, and a GPA of 3.75 in a university degree. Their relatives will be listed on the visa as well. If the student is considered outstanding, this visa may be valid for a 10-year term.