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Applying for UAE residence visa through property investment


Property Investor visa services in UAE

Dubai property visa is one of the golden opportunities to fulfill all your dreams on business setup in Dubai and residence visa in Emirates. Dubai has always been keenly interested to launch impressive schemes to attract foreigners in the property investment and real estate sector to raise their potential growth in the global economy. In addition,The real sector always brings great contributions to the economy and the measures and policies taken are widely adapted by potential buyers, foreigners direct investment, and increased the flow of FDI into the property market. It offers kind of long term residency visa to investors who wish to buy lands and settle down in Dubai. Foreign individuals who wish to purchase a property worth a minimum value of AED 1,000,000. Commercial properties, apartments, villas, or houses are different types of property included when you required to apply for a property investment visa application in Dubai. Government measures and policies are kept updated on property investment to make it stable which directly benefits investors and them happy to play their roles in the company setup Dubai. Property located in freezone areas is eligible to apply for a resident visa, including lease agreements on property.

Prerequisites for obtaining different types of property visa

  • The property must be in freehold areas of Dubai and the relevant visa is issued by the Land Department of Dubai.
  • Proofs of relationships must be submitted if the property is in the name of your family member.
  • Proof of income is a must for a property visa, the source of income is doesn't matter.
  • Dubai property visa is only allowed for those who buy commercial /residential property in Dubai.
  • around AED 15,000 is needed for a property visa in Dubai.
Types of Property visa
There are certain things to consider before applying for property visa in UAE,
The property value must be more than AED 1,000,000 and the purchase price not necessarily the market value. There should be a minimum investment of AED 1 million if there are multiple property investment by the investor to acquire visa services in the UAEIt is mandatory for investors to obtain NOC notice from the bank that should be submitted along with the application. Buildings under construction, office space for rent in Dubai and disputed properties will be rejected for a visa.
  • 6-month residence visa
This type of visa is issued by the concerned immigration authority, not the land department. Its kind of tourist visa having many advantages. It is another form of tourist visa and the purchase value of the property at least AED 1 million and you can make entries within a 6 months period.
  • 3-year residence visa
This is primarily issued by the Land department Dubai and applicable to those who wish to purchase a property of AED more than 1 million. You can get all the benefits of being a UAE national. You will be provided the id card, license, and sponsorship benefits.
  • 5-year long term visa
The value of purchased property worth more than AED 5 million. The visa is eligible for a 5-year residency visa and can sponsor his dependents. The property must not under any mortgage or any financing in nature.
  • 10-year long term visa
It is applicable for those who wish to invest a value worth more than AED 10 million. The investment should be retained in a period of 3 years. Along with sponsoring dependents, it can include directors and advisors for business. In addition, residency visas can available to business partners if they made AED 10 million contributions each..