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Now is a better time to start any business in the UAE. Its growth projections suggest that it is the right time to be on a business venture. Setting up a business in the UAE is an easy and speedy process with incentives in the form of Business setup in UAE free zones. The types of businesses you can engage in can be the onshore and offshore ones, other than this there are more options too. Within foreign entrepreneurs, the free zone is more popular.

Even though you will find it difficult to deal with these processes, it can be explained in simple steps. Having helped various companies to establish themselves we can provide these easy steps, which are listed below:-

 You must select your business activity

According to the nature of your business, you should decide where to set up your company as in certain free zones every activity is not allowed, there are restrictions for media, medical, etc.

 Choosing a company name

The naming conventions of the UAE are quite strict and offensive languages cannot be used, also to be not based on any religion (Allah) and political groups like Mafia. If the company name is based on a person’s name, then he/she should be related to the company (partner/owner) and full name should be used, not using initials or abbreviations.

 Completing the paperwork

According to the business activity you have chosen and the name of the company, along with the passport copies of the shareholders, it should be submitted before the relevant government authority. Some free zone companies will require other documentation from the current sponsor to set up your business.

 Notifying your license

After submitting your documents your application will be processed and your license will be issued by the government. We will notify our clients when receiving their licenses.

 Opening a bank account

You can open a corporate bank account, after receiving all the documents and paperwork returned. You can get our help in finding the best bank to approach or the best option to choose or even go with your choice.

 Processing your visa

According to the free zone you have chosen the number of visas entered can vary. Along with your visa, you can apply to your staff or dependents. If it is for your blood relations, then it is advisable to ask for expert advisers like us.

With these steps completed, you are good to start your business in the UAE free zone.