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Dubai expo

Get to know about Dubai Expo

Get to know about Dubai Expo 2021.

The biggest event in history is going to happen this last year, i.e in 2021. For this grand event almost thousands of volunteers have agreed to gather and to be a part of this event. With 173 days of excitement, some of the greatest cultures were joined in the 2020 Expo. With the upcoming Expo,company formation in Dubai will gain new heights.

So what is happening?

Countries from across the world will gather together for this Expo. They can exchange their views and opinions with the rest of the people. The first Expo was held in the Crystal Palace (London's Hyde Park) in 1851. Many inventions were exhibited in this expo, which came into use later, like the telephone, ice cream cone, humanoid robot etc.

Dubai was the first nation to have the expo covered in the Middle East, Africa and South Asian countries. Dubai received the right to conduct the Expo back in November 2013. This created excitement in the nation and Burj Khalifa exploded with fireworks. Many promises like astonishing the world with its fireworks and events were heard. But with the coming of the COVID-19 pandemic all reached a halt and nothing about the Expo was being heard. Now it is said that the Expo is to be conducted in the year 2021.

Who is taking part?

Some of the major businesses and educational institutions along with 190 different nations have already confirmed to be part of this Expo. The UK forms one of the major nations to display their discovery, creativity, and much more at the Expo. Some of the latest graphics and also a hyperloop ride can be expected from the US which is worth $ 60 million. As planned a UAE Pavillion can be seen at the heart of the Expo. A falcon in flight will be the design created in this. Along with which one can find exhibition spots, restaurants, VIP rooms and much more.

The Al Maktoum International Airport

For the Dubai 2021 Expo, the Al Maktoum International Airport will be the entry point to the Expo. The airport closely connecting to the Expo is the Al Maktoum International Airport. Thus for the Expo, the Airport is getting ready for an expansion. This is because it doesn't have much space to accommodate passenger and cargo needs. The current status of passenger handling includes 220 million and 160 million for cargo. After the expansion, this airport will be the worlds largest one.

Location of the Expo

To the south of Dubai is the Expo site located. It has a wide area of 438 sq. km. You can start a business setup in Dubai keeping the advantages of the Expo in mind. This location has world-class infrastructure and other facilities which is why it is been preferred as the ultimate spot for the Expo. Dubai Expo 2021 will ultimately transform the whole picture of Dubai. With the completion of the south project and the Expo, a huge change can be expected. In relation to the urban area, living in the south can be in more demand and so do the company formation in Dubai.