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legal address of company in uae

Getting a legal address of a company in the UAE

Through the address of a company, you can understand it's legitimacy. When you deal with clients in the future, you can be sure that many questions may arise based on the company's location, registration, your corporate address and much more. Thus, you will start thinking about where to get the address of this company? What answer should you give to all those clients? Is it important to have the company address when registering? We can deal with all these questions in this section.

After deciding on Business setup in Dubai and registering your company, you will have to pick what type of office structure you need. Is it a flexi-desk or a real physical office? Why is a flexi-desk mistakenly called a virtual office or smart desk? Even though flexi-desk is a real working space, it is mistakenly called a virtual office. This means for 15 hours per month, a desk and chair are set in the middle of the registration authority.

The address mentioned on your company's license will become the permanent address for your company. This is the case only if you have a physical office. According to the registration authority's business centre, which holds all the flexi-desk options of the respective free zones the address of your company will be based. This is in the case of a flexi-desk office. There will be no uniqueness if your office is based on a flexi-desk and not a physical one. For a company registered with the flexi-desk, they will only provide the free zone name, building name and the emirates. Companies that belong to the flexi-desk options under the same free zone may have a similar address. From experience, it is known that once the address appears on your license, then nobody can question it by any means. You will be on the list of addresses but nobody will know that you are renting a flexi-desk.

Renting two or more properties by the same company is an often asked question. Before giving you the appropriate answers, let's dig into some of the examples to understand it more properly. You have planned to rent a physical office in a high rise property. When your company grows, you need to include more staffs and employees. Then you will begin searching for an extra office space. Later you will come to know that space next to you is available to rent. And when it comes to this, you can take it for rent.

Sometimes you will need even more space to occupy your company members. Maybe you have leased a whole floor and doesn't have any space to take, so you have to opt for a different floor. This is because your company already has leased the whole floor. For such cases, the extra space on the next floor can also be used. You should clarify why more commercial spaces on a separate floor are appropriate to the competent authority in that particular situation. If the reasoning is appropriate, you will request an authorisation from the employer to rent more offices. However, developers often choose to rent more offices in adjacent buildings, or even buildings in two different areas of the area. Here you can take into account that one corporation is not licenced to rent commercial property for use in various areas of the city or even in separate buildings. You must create two independent corporations to rent two separate offices for this reason.

Another doubt on company formation in Dubai is about having two addresses being mentioned in a company's license. Which is a big no. You cannot have two different addresses included in your company license.

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