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UAE is one of the fastest-growing economies in the Middle East. Entering the UAE market opens several opportunities for you. As Dubai promotes the restaurant sector due to its tremendous growth in the past years, it will provide incentives for restaurant or cafeteria.

The cafeteria has a wider scope in Dubai. You should have an idea about the budget along with definite planning and governmental procedures. You should invest both your time and money for starting a cafe. Starting a cafeteria should also include getting permission (or business license in Dubai) from DED (Department of economic development), Food and safety department, and other governmental bodies.

The initial step to starting a cafeteria in Dubai includes getting a cafeteria license. To get this, you should follow the steps initiated by DED and provide the necessary paperwork, which will later provide you an approval in starting a cafeteria. Getting this is important as it can be unsafe for your business and will end up in fines and closure. How can you receive the license and what are the processes involved in this?
What are the procedures involved in starting a cafeteria?

  1. Selecting a name for your cafeteria and reserving it with DED.

  2.  Selecting a local sponsor who will act as a service partner for your cafe.

  3. The construction plan should be based on how the Food and Safety department has mentioned.

  4. Selecting a suitable place for your cafeteria if you are renting by signing a tenancy contract with your landlord.

  5. At the notary public court, signing an agreement with your partner.

  6. Submission of documents to the Department of Economic Development.

  7. Obtaining NOC from the food safety department and also from the Dubai Municipality.

  8. You will receive your license within a week, after the approval from DED and Dubai Municipality.

  9. Registering with the Ministry of Labour and Immigration Department after getting your license makes you eligible in applying for the visas for workers who are needed to run the cafe.

  10. What are the location requirements for starting a cafeteria in Dubai?

  11. Choosing an appropriate location, with having the space to accommodate all the equipment required for preparing the food.

  12. There should be enough space for evacuating smoke and disposing of dirt.

  13.  Avoiding access to pests

  14. Separation of the toilets and storage area from the kitchen.

  15. The walls, floor, and roof should be non-absorbent and fireproof, also washable.

  16. There should be separate basins for washing the vegetables and meat and also a basin for washing the utensils.