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IT business setup in Dubai

How to Start an IT Business setup in Dubai

Things to know if you are planning to begin an IT company in Dubai?

For a while now, nationwide eyes are always on the tech sector in Dubai. The position and the time zone of the Emirates enable it the ideal spot for commerce and communication with other platforms in the world. There is also a low fiscal climate, a positive corporate atmosphere and a clear method of integration. And there are lots of factors to begin a business setup in Dubai if you are prepared to start a tech firm.

Beginning of a Dubai tech firm- What are the main aspects?

It accounts for your study in the free zones of the country before you intend to start a tech business in Dubai. Free trade areas in the UAE are also the most affordable place to launch a company here.

In addition to delivering standardized privileges such as 100% customs concessions and relocation of capital and income, free zones often enable business ownership to continue. The most significant facilities include office and shared work facilities, entrance cover and accessibility to conference and meeting rooms and even some telephones, internet and other related amenities.

Any free zone provides a variety of advantages, with some sectors suited to it. As the manager of a facility, a free zone for the technology industry can be sought.

How to begin your software firm?

You should first describe your corporate practices before applying for a software licence in Dubai. This allows you to decide the correct form of licence and configuration for your company and helps your Company formation agent to handle your application. Next to the name of the organisation must be selected. The easiest way to do this is to sign it before you can do business in the UAE. You may need to deal with several naming protocols. Including:

  • Just complete names, no abbreviations are enabled.
  • No phrases that may be insulting or blasphemous.
  • You need to be available when registering.

Now your tech licence may be sought. The programme is open for you but at this point, a free zone or corporate setup agent or business setup service in Dubai can work in close cooperation. You should ensure that the submission is right and avoid any unnecessary anxiety.

How important is the IT sector in Dubai?

When beginning a company in the UAE, Dubai is among the most desired after Emirates since the local authority is actively interested in helping local and international entrepreneurs to venture. Which is why the highest range of free zones in the Middle East is now located in Dubai.


Dubai Silicon Oasis is the most prominent of the free zones devoted to IT operations. Dubai Silicon Oasis provides remarkable market trends over 77 million square feet along with the footprints of its well established Silicon Valley in America, incorporating not only bureau rooms, but also accommodation for corporate and employee members. Dubai's Silicon Oasis offers sophisticated technical services, among the most significant IT hubs in the Middle East.

Increases the importance of setting up an IT business in this free zone, whether the Free Zone Authority provides tax deductions for the repatriation of earnings.