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restaurant in dubai

How to open a restaurant in Dubai

How to begin a restaurant business in Dubai?

Dubai, the city, offers a great chance to begin a restaurant business. Dubai appears as one of the world's best culinary attractions and, if done properly, running a res business in Dubai can be highly profitable.

How do I start a Dubai restaurant?

Dubai has a stringent food policy, which any restaurant must obey, whether it be a great cuisine restaurant, coffee shop or bakery. This food code is meant to allow the individual to manage the restaurant as expected. When preparing to run a restaurant, you should think of a variety of items, so we have compiled an extensive list of these. This list makes you launch your fantasies' cuisine in Dubai luxury.

Charges to look for before opening a restaurant

Starting a restaurant company needs a heavy investment, so you can save more cash on frivolous items before beginning a restaurant, or go overboard and spent more. For each restaurant owner, an estimated understanding of the expenditures must be ensured in advance.

Before you open a restaurant some of the expenses would be:-

  • Permit
  • Leasing or cost to purchase a new structure
  • Allowances
  • Training system for workers
  • Regular running applications
  • Customs Insurance
  • Capital
  • Restaurant expense – fixtures, desks, benches, etc.

These are among the initial investment that you would make before you start a restaurant.

Having a licence for Restaurant Operating in Dubai

You will need to get all the licences you have to start your restaurant. Even before you plan to secure a spot in your favourite place. In Dubai, two major varieties of licences are needed for the opening of a restaurant.

  • License to trading
  • License for Food

Trade license in Dubai

Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing License for Exchange is accountable for the supply of a trading licence. You must define the type of restaurant you will run, and it must be explicitly specified in the licence. Based on different variables as the sort of restaurant that you have and run, the UAE trade licence could charge you AED30,000 to AED40,000.

Food license

License for Food

The Department of Food Safety will provide the Food License in Dubai. You want the authorization to get this to secure clearance for the building plan of your restaurant once you have your Trade License.

In order to acquire a food permit, the necessary records shall be generated before the Food Safety Agency.

  • A copy of the commercial licence or primary permission of the licence issuing authority


  • The configuration of the interior design, where necessary. This is practically the restaurant blueprint.

Choose a spot

Dubai has over 200 nationalities, expanding the spectrum for restaurant entrepreneurs and enabling them to cater to diverse crowds, according to their style of restaurant. Until you fix a spot, please ensure that you do analysis and also see if the place has sufficient presence for restaurants to support your business. The position of your restaurant is a crucial factor in assessing if the Emiratis and tourists will have a jump or a skip.

Identifying the idea and the USP of your restaurant

You should have a new idea when you start a restaurant, which will allow you to step out from your rivals. This gives the dynamic Dubai restaurant industry an ultimate say.