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 technical service company in Dubai

How to set up a technical service company in Dubai

How to set up a technical service company in Dubai

Before starting a business in Dubai or UAE, you must fix the type of license you will under which you will function. For acompany formation in Dubai doing professional services like advertising the manufacturing companies require an industrial license or commercial license. Technical services license also forms a part of the commercial license. The business activities which comes under this are flooring, carpentry, maintenance and much more.

What are the things to do to get a technical services license in Dubai?

Before deciding on taking any further decisions, it is good to have a connection with anyBusiness setup in Dubai firm that is able to manage your application. You can thus be sure that your application will be considered in a convenient way and is with safe hands.

The decision on Freezone or Mainland

The first decision you have to take is on deciding whether you want your business in Freezone or Mainland. Both have many benefits and disadvantages too. For a mainland, getting government contracts and you can provide your services all across Dubai too. On the other hand, Freezone has a less expensive package along with other advantages. These other benefits comprise a convenient incorporation process along with exemptions in tax and currency. Based on the nature of your business does your company setup Dubai also will depend.

Selecting the company name

The second step belongs to choosing the appropriate name for the company. There are certain points to look for before starting a company, which are listed below. It is best to consult a business setup expert in picking a simple and convenient name for your company. Here you shouldn't include any offensive names.

Creating the application for technical services license

The end process in getting a technical service license is creating the application. Through a company setup expert, you can handle the process of getting a technical service license. You can forward your application right to the DED if it is on the mainland. Also, you can apply straight to the free zone if it is on the free zone. These are given below:-

  • Fully filled in application form
  • The owner's passport copy
  • Passport size photos (colour)
  • If applicable get NOC from the current employer
  • Memorandum of Association

How can you calculate the technical services license price range in Dubai?

Before taking a technical service license, you have to look into many elements. You have to get approval from the DED if you are preferring on the mainland. You also have to get a local sponsor fee if you are opting for one and also a license registration price. Thus for the mainland, the price ranges from AED 25,000-30,000 based on different places. One of the affordable approach to begin your technical service business is in the free zone. You don't have to be physically present in the UAE to start a company.