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The visa processing time for UAE is approximately three or four working days. 60 days from the date of issuance, all visas are valid and can enter Dubai but the 96-hour visa is valid for only 30 days after issuance of the visa. To start your business in a new place, it is necessary to have an immigration visa and other services. Our immigration services and Visa services in UAE  include three different types of visa services like Investor visa / Partner visa, Employment visa, and Employee visa.

 Investor visa/ Partner visa

The Investor visa gives permission for a foreign entity to enter any country, conduct business activities, and then exit the same. This is an import permit that gives him/ her to perform business activities, where getting involved in the International investment is of higher risk but can gain high return too.

The Investor visa is also known as a Partner visa, which is issued by the Ministry of UAE and has a duration of 3 years, which will be stamped by the UAE consulate. In order to receive an Investor visa for Dubai, one has to make a deposit of AED 10,000 plus the visa charges for Dubai. To conduct business activities in the future, it needs to be renewed after the expiry date.

 Employment visa or E visa

Those skilled and professional persons, who are appointed by companies for the post of technicians, experts, executives, etc, are issued the Employment visa.

The requirements for Work permit include:-

 Recent passport size photographs
 Residency visa
 A valid passport (6-month validity)
 Health certificate (valid)
 Copies of the employment contract for the employer, employee and the ministry of Labour.
 Proof of educational qualification and professional expertise.
 Valid trade license of the sponsoring company.

Applicants should keep updating with the embassies to know about the latest visa updates.

 Employee visa

The first step of Employee visa includes a stage of visa procedure and a medical examination. For the UAE visa applications, a medical check is required. This should be done at a government hospital or medical clinic. Medical tests can only be done within the UAE; not outside the country.

The medical check includes a chest x-ray and blood tests. Communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, leprosy and tuberculosis are checked in this test. There will be a denial of residence visa and immediate deportation in case any of these tests turn positive.