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DED license in dubai

Join part time job with DED license in Dubai

Authorising your part-time work with a DED license

It is no more expensive to increase your salary by freelance work. A permit can be received from the Dubai Department of Economics or through DED services in Dubai for an annual fee. The freelance licence in Dubai is a DED licence, allowing you to work independently and renewable annually. The freelancer credential is suitable for those on UAE visas who need a licence. This cheap industry offers people the chance to become a businessman and launch their lives without renting premises, paying public debts and thinking about other visas and government costs. It also helps you to legalise the company you now make to gain extra money.


In order to start setting up a business in Dubai, capital is required. And whether you have cash, you might require money that will get you through the first hard months, before you start making a profit. One simple solution for any entrepreneur is to keep on side of your main job before you save enough to make the leap. Alternatively, as you develop your company, you can work part-time for others. But it can be tougher than you'd imagine if you're trying to work part-time in the UAE.

Operations included

The Dubai Economic Department provides over 100 operations under freelance licences. This offers those who want more options at a cheaper cost a broader range. Some of these tasks include cell phone maintenance, data storage, digital marketing services, tax recovery, marketing administration, IT, web development, web recordkeeping, apparel styling, tailoring, writing and photocopying, and plenty more.

Freelancing advantages

A freelance licence and visa in Dubai have different advantages. The first is that it helps you to operate flexibly with many firms. If you intend to work in either of the above-listed sectors without a job from 9 to 5, it might be your smartest career choice to become a freelancer in Dubai.

  • Adaptability to function anywhere
  • Get Self-Completeness
  • Managing work-life
  • Reduce costs and boost benefit
  • The choice to jointly carry out numerous projects
  • Create your own brand
  • No room needed for office

Awareness of the main causes of UAE part-time employment

You would have the exact impact of working part-time in the UAE on how you can apply:

You operate primarily for somebody: when you had a full-time contract for somebody else, you would require your main employer to get a NOC which ensures they consent to your additional work. This implies that you'll have to speak to your manager about why you would want that additional revenue.

You operate part-time alone: as of March 2018, there was a new legal climate that allowed workers, while they had to work for their main employer, to recruit part-time employees. Then the employee will operate as hard as it needs for other individuals, without their principal employer needing a NOC.


It is necessary to remember however that all forms of business or trade practise that you conduct as a result of your current venture must proceed through the appropriate channels of licencing. For eg, when you work part-term with somebody else, you may prefer to set oneself up as an autonomous worker. It is quite practicable, but you must also register for a free zone licence and obtain a NOC from your part-time boss to allow you to do so.


Part-time work is a very recent phenomenon in the UAE and isn't so well known at this stage. Any red tape also remains, and the need to receive a no-objection certificate from the existing sponsor will make this move very complicated for people who are seeking to raise enough money to start a company. Nevertheless, several recent regulatory reforms (welcome) indicate that there's a political will to help individuals to slash their working hours and pursue a part-time contract best tailored to them.