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travel agency in dubai

Open a travel and tourism agency in Dubai

How to begin a travel agency in dubai?

Dubai is a major tourist spot and one of the most beautiful cities globally. Dubai drew nearly 10 million visitors before 2014 and the number of visitors is projected to double in the coming years. International investors seeking to create  travel agencies in Dubai  also draw the thriving tourism industry. Our  Business setup in dubai specialists are available with knowledge and resources to help you launch the market effectively if you want to create a travel agency and want support.

When starting a Dubai travel company, what to take into account?

As a narrow partnership or sole proprietorship, a travel agency may be run. The business owner shall be forced to become a registered travel agent when forming a travel agency as a single entity. A foreign investor would have to look at a few but very significant factors before beginning the registration process for a business which operates as a travel agency:

  • It is very necessary of the business form in which the travel agency operates;
  •  Whether the organisation will function or develop in one of in the free zones in Dubai ;
  • You will have to nominate a local representative as an international entrepreneur to file the business for you;
  • The sort of travel agency licence you will be obtaining is critical to pick attentively;
  • Another factor to remember is that you have enough funding to start up the venture.

Our regional advisors will provide quality support, such as the registering of taxes and VAT in respect of business establishment processes for a travel agency in Dubai, under the new regulatory amendments. You will be able to completely manage your company if you want to run in one of the free zones of Dubai, as foreign investors, since no local partner is necessary. Your travel agency's operations will also be confined to delivering your consumer services in the corresponding free zone.

Opening of a Dubai Tourism Agency

When all the steps required to register are taken, the procedure of opening a Dubai travel agency is not difficult. It is also necessary when thinking of operating a travel agency in Dubai, to submit for the correct form of tourism licence. There are actually the following forms of licences:

  • Licence of the travel business,
  • Licence of the travel agency,
  • License for inbound travel agencies,
  • Outbound certificate of travel operator.

Opening specifications of a Dubai tourist office

The supervisor of a tourist agency in Dubai should have three years of expertise whether he is a university graduate with a tourism diploma, or if he or she is a high school graduate of five years of knowledge.

The applicant have to, in order to obtain the travel permit:

  • Pay the original charge for registration,
  • Request for trade name clearance of the department,
  • Provision of a scheme of insurance;
  • Give the position where the travel agent resides through a leasing arrangement.
  • The contract shall be signed for at least 3 months and for each operation there shall be a minimum office area of 30 metres.

Receiving a licence to enter/exit Dubai travel agency

The inbound and outbound licences that allow the company to sell holiday packages within the UAE are two of the most used forms of travel licences in Dubai. Either or both licences can be purchased from a travel agency in Dubai depending on the facilities it wishes to provide. To receive one of the two permits, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • A form provided by the Tourism and Commerce Marketing Department;
  • A backup of the passport should also be issued in the case of the international owner;
  • a project attainability study to be done to construct a new facility;
  • a certificate proving the travel agency manager's certifications;
  • A credential that shows the owner's ethical character.