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Dubai is an exciting city, also known as the business hub of the Middle East. Being one of the most suitable places to start a business, it is not only open to citizens of the UAE but even for foreign investors too. This is possible just because of the encouragement the government provides in starting up new businesses. What favors the emerging business is that there is only minimal taxation and also convenient business laws.

What are the benefits of setting up a business in mainland Dubai?
These include:-
• Zero taxation
• Low import duty
• Strong economy
• No currency restrictions
• No minimum capital requirement
• No restrictions on recruitment

If you are planning to set up your business in a free zone, there are various advantages to doing so.

• Unlike the mainland, free zone business set up is much faster and only basic documentation is required.

• Another reason includes your business being exempt from VAT and also from import and export tax, without any currency restrictions.

• Another plus is that one will get 100% foreign ownership unlike in the mainland you need not work with a local partner.

Without having a proper understanding of the rules and regulations in setting up a business in Dubai one will not be successful in this venture. It is essential to get proper guidance and planning in starting such a serious task. Here comes the importance of business set up consultancies. Ours is a leading company that offers excellent corporate business service in the UAE. Being one of the established and trusted names in this field, we offer quality service to our clients belonging to different backgrounds and ensure that their needs are followed as mentioned.

Our services include:-

• UAE trade license
• Visa services
• Investor rights and protection contracts
• Office for rent in Dubai
• Business centers in Dubai
• PRO services
• Translation services
• Company liquidation services.

If you are ready to set up your business then we provide you the necessary requirements accordingly as mentioned above. For better assistance and guidance check out our website.