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Renewing your trade license in Dubai is not at all a complex process. It has become much easier now. In Dubai business license is renewed annually.

To make it easier the Department of Economic Development (DED) has adopted new measures. They will only allow those with a trade license to set up a business in Dubai. Different categories of businesses need approval from different ministries. Initiatives like the smart electronic devices and registered agents help in renewing your business.

The three subdivisions of Business categories are:-

  • Commercial licenses
  • Industrial licenses
  • Professional licenses

Steps to get a Trade license in Dubai?

  • Select the business category you are involved in.
  • Having a proper name for your business.
  • For initial approval, fill in and submit the application.
  • According to your business activities get external approval if required.
  • Arranging documents from the relevant government authorities (Memorandum of Association).
  • Deciding a business location
  • Getting the final license by sending an application to the DED.
  • Making the payment

Given below are the three simple steps to renew your business license:-

  • BR/1 form- typed

  • Certificate of Ejari registration
  • Tenancy contract-photocopy
  • Current business trade license-photocopy
  • All business partners passport photocopies.

Having a valid tenancy contract

Having a tenancy contract attested by the Ejari and ensuring that it has a validity of at least 1 month. Only if the tenancy contract has a validity of 1 month then can be it submitted for renewal.

Applying for a renewal license

With all the required documents submit for license renewal at the DED. Through different mediums like mobile applications, authorised service centres, e-services one can apply for renewal.


Only after submitting the application, the DED shall allot a payment voucher. You can enter into the payment procedure after receiving the voucher. Just after making your payment you will receive your renewed license.

The three ways provided by the DED in Dubai to renew your trade license is:-

  • Either by following offline procedure
  • Online procedure
  • Or an automatic renewal system

Though the DED efforts will definitely ease your procedures still these procedures can be troublesome for some entrepreneurs. Business setup consultancies can help you in these processes and make your work much easier. Company formation advisory can also help. Your doubt about getting or renewing a trade license can be solved by us. Feel free to contact us.