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branch office setup in Dubai

Setting up a Branch office in office

How to affirm a branch office in the UAE?

The expansion of the organisation benefits from the increasing business operations. If a business enterprise is really strong on the domestic market, the next logical step is natural to grow further as business opportunities in Dubai are tremendous. The growth cycle starts with a business setup in Dubai of a child firm. You may have found words like the subsidiary, office, or branch office. The sentences seem the exact but are not. Let's see the variations.

Agency for the Division

An office beside the parent office in a separate area is just another office in which the corporate operations are carried out at the targeted area. The offices have numerous divisions, such as human resources, communications, accounting etc. It is the main company's house.

Representative office

This is a category of entity founded in a distant country for the conduct of advertising and non-transactional corporate activities by the parent organization. You should ensure that it is much better when a branch office is not utilized for core activity.

What are the goals of having a branch office?

Tax advantage

This could be the best feature of a branch office installation. UAE's company tax is 0 per cent which makes the country very attractive to set up a branch.

Stream of audit

Auditing at an international level is getting more difficult. It aids tremendously to separate and to set up a branch office. The money circulating within the parent and subsidiary can be conveniently controlled and the audit process is streamlined.

The low burden of administration

Establishing a branch office is very convenient because it replaces different accounting functions and does not include audited reports.

The commercial path to a new sector

Normally, the construction of an office or company formation in Dubai needs no share capital. It is only important to clear basic fees, requirements and essential deposits which prove to be very expensive.

How to affirm a branch office in the UAE?

1.Recognise Local Officers

This is the first mission to be completed. One of the typical duties is the selection of a local official, accompanied by both the bureau and representative office. Local agents must be nationals of the UAE or businesses which are wholly owned by the residents of the UAE.


2. Book a title for business

A request for the commercial name and office registration clearance must be presented at the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the Emirates.


3. Submit to the Economy Ministry

The application must provide a full image of the organisation which contains descriptions of share capital, headquarters, the purpose of the firm, the identity of the general manager in the UAE, etc., as well as some of the obligatory for acceptance.

4.Exercise management tasks

When a company's licence is received additional activities may be investigated in office rooms, banking accounts opening, visa transactions, and working cards for workers.

5. Being a part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

In addition, a copy of the Office Lease Arrangement, a business licence acquired with DED, will be a part of the Chamber of Commerce of Abu Dhabi.

Acquire a Permit from the Economic Development Department 

The Ministry of Economy (MOE) will publish a letter of approval to the Dubai Economic Development Department after submitting and assessing required paperwork.

At this point, the customer must send another collection of documentation following the original request. These comprise:

  • MOE clearance and other industry-specific authorisations have issued
  • Copy of the UAE rental suggested
  • Copies of the MOE-filed papers
  • The letter confirmed by a UAE investigator summarising the parent company's two-year financial reports

Upon submitting and checking the above papers, the DED shall grant a commercial licence for one year and shall be extended next year.