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Certificate attestation is very important when you have to travel from one country to the other, for business, higher education, for acquiring a job, etc. Getting attested includes the act of getting the documents sealed or stamped on particular documents or certificates. In order to make sure that your document has been successfully verified and stamped by the UAE embassy in your country, you should ensure the attested seal of the UAE embassy.

Getting your documents attested by experts is essential in the case of educational certificates as it is a lengthy process. The need for attestation is to ensure that you are not visiting UAE with any ill intentions and also to make sure that your documents are valid and you can be permitted to this country.

Document attestation for UAE can be done for:

 Personal documents
 Educational documents
 Commercial documents

Personal document attestation

This is the type of attestation were personal documents are included. These documents are mainly attested to getting a residential visa and also include the procedure for a student visa and work visa.

Educational document attestation

Depending on the place and type of document, the attestation of educational certificates can be different.

Commercial document attestation

If you are planning to start a business in the UAE, then this attestation will be needed. The legalisation of those documents which is the evidence of your business capital is used for attestation.

Consulting genuine agencies is better than going for a quick decision and picking the wrong one. UBL provides hassle-free and quick results, is reliable and keeps on updating you about the progress. Moreover, our experts can give you exactly what you need within the period.

Certificates that are attested include:

 Degree certificate
 Marriage certificate
 Power of Attorney
 Memorandum of Association
 Medical certificate
 Birth certificate
 Certificate of incorporation

We provide quick and quality services according to customer convenience and do not charge any extra costs.