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Once you start a tourism business setup in Dubai, you can talk to a business setup consultant for free too. In addition to helping you with the procedures, a business setup consultant will also direct you through all the steps you take to start a tourism business in Dubai.

With a Tourism License, what commercial activities can you take on?

Once you have obtained a tourism license in Dubai to grow your business, you may:

 Sell packages off-line & online tourism
 Issue Voyage Insurance
 Provide lodging and places to stay
 Supplying support services relating to visas
 Sell tickets to flights, trains & buses
 Provide rental car services
 Sell packages on an adventure tour

What are the steps to getting a business license from Dubai Tourism?

Dubai has 3 categories of Tourist License:-

Tour Operator Inbound License

The Inbound Tour Operator License allows a company to manage domestic travel, activities, permits, and transportation requirements for traveling to Dubai for locals and foreigners.

Outbound license to tour operator

This license allows companies to sell travel & tourism packages outside of the UAE.

Travel Agent License

A Travel Agent License allows the company to act on behalf of the agents as a broker for ticketing and booking related services. Which includes flight tickets, taxis, trains, hotel & holiday reservations, car rental services, etc.

Which kinds of documents are required to obtain a license for the tourism business in Dubai?

 Finished tourism license application form
 Prints of valid passports for applicants
 The Manager certifies the work qualification
 Certification of clear criminal record proprietor’s good conduct
 Detailed project report emphasizing economic & technical feasibility of the project
 Any Statement of Objection from the Civil Aviation Authority

How to easily obtain any sort of tourism business license in Dubai?

UBLCSP Business Setup would be a super convenient way to start your tourism business in Dubai. Speak with our expert to grow your brand or kick-start your Dubai tourism business.

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