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office space for rent in Dubai

Tips for renting your first office Space

Choosing your first office space for rent in Dubai can be an exciting turning point for your business, but mistakes can be made. You need to make sure your office is something that supports your team and allows them to grow and develop. Here are the things to consider before hiring your first office space. Office Space for rent in UAE.

Decide if you really need one

Companies need dedicated offices to survive. But today many entrepreneurs do better than home offices or colleagues. If your business can operate in one of these alternative environments, you can save a lot of time and money.

Choose a location near your team

If you need separate office space, location is the most important consideration when renting your first office. First, you need to make sure the office is as close as your team members can travel. Or if you don't have a team yet, choose an office near a competent area.

Make sure it is easily accessible to others

You have to keep customers in mind when choosing a site. Is the office building you are considering easily accessible from highways or public transportation? Can they easily find it?

Think about the facilities near you

Another factor when renting your first office that might influence your location decision is the nearby facilities. Your team will appreciate an office close to restaurants and cafes. If there are certain places that you need to visit regularly for business purposes, such as meeting places or banks, you may want to keep them nearby as well.

Keep a strict budget in mind

After determining the location, the cost may be your next big concern. Don't choose an office that puts your business in debt and hinders its growth. Crush the numbers before you start to find a budget that allows you to work comfortably.

 Calculate additional expenses

There are several costs involved in renting an office space. When it comes to most real estate, the actual rent is only a fraction of that. If you don't have an account in your actual budget, this additional expense really increases. Make sure you understand what is included in the rent shown. Make sure they are clear and clearly written in the lease agreement. 

Make sure the lease contract is clear

Knowing what to include when you rent your first office is one thing. You need to ensure that all of these terms are clearly written for the lease agreement. You don't want to get frustrated if you can't get the right pitch, so invest in a good capo.

Find out who is responsible for repairs

Repairs to your space can also be a big expense. If the owner is responsible for those expenses, make sure he is prepared to take care of it in a timely manner. If you are, make sure you have plenty of wiggle room in your budget.

Get help from an expert

The search for an office space can be overwhelming for a newcomer. But if you find a commercial real estate agent or broker who is familiar with real estate in the area, they can make the whole process easier. Ask or search on a portal like Colliers International to find someone in your target community.

Find a safe building

The building itself must also provide some facilities. To keep you, your employees, and your equipment safe and secure, find out if the building has a security guard, accessibility of people, and after-hours security.

Choose the location that best suits your team

Of course, every member of your team needs enough room for a table or seating area. But you don't want to get frustrated if you can't get the right pitch, so invest in a good place.

But leave some room for growth

However, a little extra space is a good thing, especially if you want to grow during the term of your lease. Some extra cubic space or even some rooms can help to add a few offices.

Decide how you want the office

Do you need an open concept or more closed workspaces? Different bosses and teams have different priorities. So think about the style that works best for your team and choose an office that matches the design you want.


Know exactly where you'll get the space

Some offices are not always advertised. Some may need some work before actually moving your luggage. If you decide to rent it and want to know exactly what the place will look like, you should ask these questions. Miller says:

Make sure you understand how space is distributed. Do you need improvements like paint and carpeting, or do you need to remove or add walls and doors? Who is paying for these improvements? "

Consider parking and bike storage

Parking is another important factor to consider when renting your first office. You need to make sure there is enough parking space nearby so that your team can work on time without much hassle. Safe parking or a dedicated area is an added advantage. Or if you are in an area with more bikes, make sure there is a shelf or enough space somewhere in the building for staff to store their bikes.

Think about what the office would look like to others

Like it or not, your office sends a message to others about your business. If you choose a premium building, it will tell clients that you are struggling. If you expand your budget with ample space in your first office, they might think they're paying too much for you.

There is a place to visit

In addition to just desks or booths, you need to think of some other places that will be useful to your team. Do you need a separate conference room or a few smaller conference rooms? Do you need a specific kitchen or other space?

Find out what allows you to customize

You want to make your first office. But most landlords don't want you to demolish the walls and completely alter their buildings. So before you sign anything, see what you are allowed to do in space without incurring any damage.

Consider the length of the lease

The length of your lease agreement is another important factor in your decision when renting your first office. For your first office, you might not want to be tied to a long-term commitment. You don't want to get frustrated if you can't get the right pitch, so invest in a good capo.

Be confident in pushing your business forward

Because of this, you really need to think about where your business will be considered at the end of that period. If this is a five-year lease, where do you see your business in five years? Do you have a real plan to get there?

Create conditions for an early exit

You need to know what will happen if you have to end the lease. Make sure you are comfortable with any other fees or penalties if anything changes during the lease.