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The role of the business centers in Dubai 

Over the past few years, traditional offices have taken center stage, with business visionaries and new startups large and small opting for their economic growth, profitable services, and solutions for their rapid business growth. The main problem for startups and new entrepreneurs is finding a place for their activities. There is no space better than in the business centers in Dubai, which is a combination of enhancing the environment and providing appropriate services and facilities.

The startup workspace in a major business center is a reliable, progressive, and optimistic way to expand and scale your business in all possible directions. At the top of the business center for company setup, everything from sales representatives to partners, from customers to employees, is on your table; The Business Advantage Center can be considered an area that needs to be connected everywhere! Likewise, through various services such as conference rooms and co-working spaces, one can gather enough eye and expand unusual business deals and contracts. It focuses only on improving and cost-effective startups as the start-up goes through different stages from the initial preparation stage to the development stage. . This way, your starting area becomes very important for establishing a decent foothold in all parts of the design in your business set up in Dubai.

All Trade, the best office space in Dubai, allows you to give your business a better presence. One of the attractive elements in Altrade is that you have no pressure to create and work in an office because the space you need is already in place, which requires you to efficiently complete business processes and completes your goals without pressure. Quickly. UBL provides value-added services to startups that cannot afford expensive technologies and services.


What are the benefits of a Business Center?

Elegance, cost-effectiveness, and award-winning service make our office solutions a unique offering. Let's check the details


  • Business center management

A complete building and facilities team saves you time and effort to focus on your business

  • No investments

Aside from the first month's rent, there are no other costs for you to start using your serviced office.

  • There are no major costs

Keep cash flow strong by eliminating the need to pay upfront for IT infrastructure, office furniture, toilets, and kitchen amenities, and reduce initial capital expenditures to set up your office space

  • Front Office reception team

Answer your calls and receive your customers with a professional receptionist. Our clients see the center's team as an extension of their business. Works for you, we paid.

  • Fully Furnished office spaces

Quality desks, chairs, and cabinets start to work as soon as you enter your office.



There is no need to hire additional employees for administrative functions, our staff is here to assist you with any direct tasks.

  • Professional phone Calls

The front desk will answer your calls with your company name, giving your customers a better picture.

  • Proud business address

Photo all! Working from one of our service offices in Dubai or a major city will give you an attractive headline around your marketing materials and business cards.

  • Including monthly bills

We believe we will introduce a transparent and comprehensive monthly invoice as part of our business philosophy. We don't charge you extra for infotainment technology and gyms - you can even get a very generous call allowance.

  • Immediate employment

Instant Availability - We were able to see clients and move them within 24 hours.

  • Best IT packages

Information technology is very important to modern business and we have invested millions in our connectivity and infrastructure to increase broadband speeds of 1000 Mbps across our networks. Whether or not you are a large company, you cannot afford the communication costs we provide including the monthly rent.

  • On-site security and surveillance cameras

Work with peace of mind at all times due to our on-site security, most centers are available 24/7, and have advanced CCTV systems and secure magnetic card systems.

  • Meeting and video conference rooms

One advantage of using our business centers is that you have full service within your premises, so if you want to meet clients, conduct employee meetings, or have virtual encounters with others around the world we can do it for an hour. !

  • Stocked kitchens

These are the little things that increase the cost of your business, like tea, coffee, and refreshments. When you use space in our Business Centers, we provide you and your team with fully equipped kitchens, all of which are included on your monthly bill.

  • Genetic gyms

With free on-site gyms and shower facilities, your team can save your monthly gym membership fee.

  • Day and night cleansers

Unlike our industry, we have an indoor cleaning arm that works throughout our buildings, maintaining cleanliness throughout the day and cleaning throughout the night from morning to morning.

  • Digital phones and universal calls

High spec digital devices are available in all offices, and we offer a very generous call allowance that most of our customers would not exceed. We need a quota that we allow each customer to protect you from overuse because we believe you don't have to pay others any more.

  • Office functional office space

Our business centers are designed and measured to allow for comprehensive office sizes, so you can easily upgrade to a larger office within the same building as you grow and require more offices.

  • Flexible Active leases

Office contracts - from 1 month to 15 years. Try to find that flexibility in the traditional Dubai office contract

  • Rest areas, toilets, and cafes

You only pay for your office space, but you get all the benefits of a serviced office environment.