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Being one of the safest countries in the world UAE becomes the number one preference for women in doing business. Dubai promotes the growth of Women. The laws are designed to be supportive and helpful for women. This can be understood by them appearing in many leading roles and also those who are turning great entrepreneurs.

Not only this, but they have also proved themselves in many other fields like real estate, Digital Marketing, beauty business, etc. The government has accepted the reality that women are equally important in building a countries economic future.

Government providing support for women

Aiming to bring inequality the Government has brought out many thoughtful steps in women empowerment.

As part of this, the Government has also introduced the Dubai Women Establishment (DWE) in 2006, introduced for making women a part of Dubai’s socio-economic development. This has helped women in reaching good positions and reach senior leadership positions. Women are considered by the Government as a massive potential force in all sectors.

Focusing the females

They focus on female-focused HR companies to women-only angel investors. Many organizations in the UAE have helped in boosting female entrepreneurs to help them reach their success path.

Examples of women-only companies are Hopscotch, Womentum, etc. Here you are given value in what you are doing and they also try to understand the challenges faced by womanhood. Moreover, you will have an understanding and safe atmosphere with like-minded women working with you, striving for the success of your venture.

Being given valuable guidance and support and as a favorable ecosystem, they are more successful than their US counterparts.

Visas for investors and entrepreneurs.

Welcoming new entrepreneurs and investors to Setup a Business in the UAE government has begun to give a long-term visa for them and thus attracting new talents. This is a good way to provide stability and confidence to the entrepreneurs. This in turn will give the country its reputation as the global business hub. A wide group of males and females will settle in the UAE for the long term.

Expat widows and divorcees are given visas

Till 2018, if the women sponsored by their husbands are divorced, then they had to leave UAE. They can use the remaining time on their residency visa before leaving the place. Also, they are permitted to get one year visa for themselves. Giving them enough time to assess their options and status.