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What are the External Approvals Required for Business Setup in Dubai

External approval means validation or consent of a governing institution which requires a company to conduct business.   Individual companies need outside licences to be issued in certain situations until the final issuance of a business licence (non relative to Emirate). Thus the initial analysis should be conducted before beginning the company approval process or whether there is no time to research yourself for an industry consultancy firm.


The DED is allowed to grant a licence to establish a new company formation in Dubai Mainland. The primary permissions and name approvals are typically issued by the DED. However, such commercial practises are not adequate for which DED permits are only required if they apply to particular activities that could be controlled by various other governments. Departments and external licences are presented and must be taken by the authority responsible for overseeing these operations in order to receive a licence by DED.

What are the procedures involved?

In general, the process begins with acceptance of company names and primary approval from the DED in Dubai, and then the outside approval from the authority shall include the process and the criteria for obtaining the approval from itself, as per its business operation. The external approval will also require over a month to achieve. The DED will then grant the licence to begin business activities after the external permission has been received.

How to know if external approval is needed?

As already mentioned, all permits will not need external approvals until a specific element is found when they can affect the business cycle or the daily life of the applicant. For eg, the operation travel agent which ultimately concerns flight ticket reservations requires external permission from General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and to initiate educational support functions in the mainland then it requires the permission of Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

Why is external approval needed?

External approval is important because the operations of the organisation are sufficiently accountable to have a profound effect on human lives. The DED also needs aid from the specialist authority to verify that possible performances in relation to this operation conform with UAE Laws and Regulations in order to preserve a stable equilibrium in the economic cycle and to minimize the possibility of the everyday risk.

How much does it cost?

External authorization is subject to multiple periods or a recurring fee in several cases. Since the company operations are different and since they offer a wide range of market opportunities, there are thus no fixed costs. The fees for the activities of a travel agent could not be balanced by the cost for the operations for promoting schooling. Contact a company manager, then, to review the specifics of the costs required for external authorization.


It will take several days to receive foreign approvals if you do not recognize the laws and regulations in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, at UBL CSP we will take control of the entire business set-up in Dubai process while you will focus on daily operations. We monitor everything from industry to commercial space in the UAE.