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Freelancing options in UAE

What are the freelancing options available in UAE

Is freelancing options done in the UAE?

In the United Arab Emirates freelancing is becoming more common, with several businesses finding freelancers in different industries, such as programme-makers, software developers, authors, programmers, data entry workers and more in contrast with full-time staff, at a fraction of their costs. In addition to this, there are government measures and various free trade allowances provided by the different free zones to facilitate the current pattern. Is it easy to start a business setup in Dubai? how about freelancing?


The freelance licence is intended to enable freelancers to extend their network, obtain greater exposure and create their own businesses in the UAE in the long term. It provides people with legal support and credit for their work identification. With the young generation on the working floors, the UAE's job situation is evolving; from traditional 9-5 working time to adaptable working, life is changing.

Topmost freelancing positions in the UAE?

  • Web design and creation
  • Distance learning and guest tutorial
  • Sharing and posting of blogs
  • Advertising and distribution
  • Design of graphics
  • Developing smartphone applications
  • Enhancement of Search Engine (SEO). Marketing of search engines (SEM)Branding
  • 3d Printing and computer-assisted programming
  • Transcript and interpretation of languages
  • Legal departments

Various benefits of a freelance licence in the UAE

  • The pliability to work almost anywhere
  • Reduce costs and increase profit
  • The choice to jointly carry out numerous projects
  • Brand building
  • No room necessary for an office
  • Develop harmony between work and life Self-Sufficiency

What is the protocol in Dubai for acquiring a freelance licence?

Following measures to acquire a Dubai freelance licence:

  • Request your licence on the appropriate free zone.
  • Give a submission for temporary consent along with business strategy, copy of passport and letter of reference
  • You can get a letter of consumer validation from the Freezone authority in case of acceptance
  • Accept the validation letter and apply again for finished approval along with the other documentation mentioned earlier
  • Consider all costs, including a freelance fee, visa support fees and first leasing or office room instalment (optional) and other costs (if any).

Accept the Freezone Patronage Convention and obtain the Freelance Allowance together with the visa

When all the certifications and approval have been received, you can use Flexi-desk & business amenities in the Freezone and begin a freelance business lawfully in the UAE.

Top Freezones in the UAE offering freelance permit

Creative City Freezone of Fujairah

The Fujairah Freezone issues several packages to receive the individual licence in all categories. They give a Freelancer Business Kit, ideal for 4-visa start-ups. It provides all the

advantages of a typical business establishment. It is the perfect bundle for start-ups with four visas that deliver the privileges of daily business establishment. The facilities cover –

  • Setup card (1-3 years)
  • Up to three visa
  • Business permit (validity 1-3 years)


In the economic zone of Ras Al Khaimah, entrepreneurs of different types, such as artists, crafts, media etc are granted cost-effective free trade permits. It is currently for communications practitioners and educators. Here is the documentation you need to acquire the freelancer license in RAK:

  • Copy of the passport
  • Copy of the passport (if you apply for a visa-free permit)
  • No sponsor's opposition certificate (if a visa-free permit is applied for)
  • Works or certification credential portfolio/sample

You can get your free-lance licence after you apply the paperwork and make a deposit.