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investor visa in dubai

What are the procedures involved to get an investor visa in Dubai

Dubai Investor Visa

As a nation with a stable economy and premium market facilities, people around the globe move to the UAE to build and launch their own companies or business setup in Dubai. The UAE has a different form of visa for certain people called the visa of an investor or partner. Many who fund or begin a company in the mainland or free zones are eligible for the visa known as the UAE investor visa. It should be remembered, therefore that the approval process for the investment visa or partner visa in Dubai differs according to the emirate in which you submit.

Often recognized as the Dubai partner Visa, this Visa is suitable for foreigners seeking to set up their own company or engage in an established business in Dubai. The duration of Dubai's investor visa is three years and permits the owners of the VAE to reside and operate as well as sponsor families. Thinking about how to get a Dubai investor visa? This visa shall not be issued until entities with AED 72.000 or equity interests in an established business have been formed under the provisions of the Dubai Investor Visa Law.


Documents necessary in Dubai for private enterprises.

If you engage in or set up a business in the nation of Dubai, these are the required documentation for the investor visa:

  • Copy of Passport
  • White Backdrop- Personal Image
  • Association Memorandum
  • Card for Regulation of Immigration
  •  Business License
  • Local supporter and partner relationship deal
  • Bank declaration for the past three months

These are the paperwork needed in order for private businesses in the mainland to qualify for an investor or partner visa in Dubai.

Free zone companies

An international investment and economic growth have been stimulated by the introduction in the emirate of free zones or free trade zones. There are industrial fields in which firms working are tax-exempt, such as the value-added tax (VAT), and international citizens own 100% of the enterprise. People who contribute or develop in these regions a free zone business may also qualify for a partner visa from Dubai through their sponsor as a free-trade zone.


However, the Dubai investment visa procedure would be different for free zone business owners and developers. Based on where the business sits, size of the organisation and other considerations, the implementation process and costs will vary.

What is the Dubai Investor Visa application about and where to submit?

Many who want to change their visa status into a Dubai investor residency visa will submit in the town in the Amer centres. When submitting for a Dubai Investor Visa from an Amer Center, the following are the prices:  

  • Access permit: This ranges roughly from AED 1,035 to AED 1,070 for people in the UAE, and from AED 365 for people beyond the UAE.
  • Position shift: AED 580 not for outsiders. 
  • Stamping of visas: This is around AED 600 and AED 800 roughly

The 10 years and 5-year Investor visa

In addition to a three-year investment visa in Dubai, the UAE recently launched a 10-year visa to developers in Dubai and 5-year visa to property investors. These Visa services in UAE were accepted by landholders and developers because they would encourage those who live here to feel more permanent. However, as noted in the most recent update by the Dubai General Board of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA-Dubai), Dubai's long-term visas really aren't accessible to anyone, commonly held AED 10M asset owners or AED 5M property investors, but to those who only fulfil an extra requirement, set could be provided with the 5-year and 10-year investment visa in Dubai.