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virtual office space in uae

how to set up a virtual office in UAE

Virtual office and how does it work?

Are you planning to start your business in the UAE without large financial investment and lower risk? Then , a virtual office is the best choice to gain access to the UAE's lucrative market working from remote locations without having a physical entity. Virtual business licenses in Dubai can easily be taken by foreign individuals and freelancers without having to apply for any kind of residence visa and it is less expensive than others. Virtual offers make your work from any other remote location incorporated with digital technologies with the ease of a local entity. They can use virtual private numbers, email forwarding services, meeting room booking for business meet-ups, address downtown, and local numbers which can be used by partners, clients, collaborators, etc. A virtual office is not legal to deal with licensing and Visa services in UAE, as they are prompted from DED and their business operations are not legally identified.

A virtual office is an all in one platform which provides more flexible and convenient ways to expand your financial business internationally. This concept is popular among modern entrepreneurs to expand their business setup in Dubai throughout the world. Just think of traditional business expansion in UAE, you won't get any freedom from the stress of rental office space. You have to spend a huge amount on maintenance costs, technical constraints such as software and hardware resources. In traditional business expansion, You need a notable physical location that should be easily located by all the people who interact with our business. It is a terrible task to relocate your personnel management to carry out in a company setup Dubai. Social relations and client interaction will be less in a virtual office, because of a lack of communication. Always try to earn customer trust when you deal with a virtual office. Let us consider few things about virtual office management in UAE,

  • Interactive Voice Response

            It is a mandatory and advanced feature adapted by the virtual office. It uses a highly functional system to connect with your incoming calls from clients. This feature forwards your calls to appropriate departments depends on your needs. In this feature, the caller will automatically navigate through a customized menu until you reach the correct thread.

  • Personnel Management

    Personnel account management is important in any business, virtual offices provide 24-hour customer account accessibility and it includes all call details and they remain convenient throughout the process.

  • Telephonic and email services

    Setting up emails allows your voicemail to arrive directly by using MP3. Emails are a great source of handling and storing your voice mail for the long term without any need for paperwork and additional storage.

call forwarding and call recording are the finest features used in coordination with VOIP technology. Call forwarding helps your call to reach the correct designation, it works depends on your convenience(cell, home line, or office). Call recording is saved for future references or any liability purposed. It is an important interconnection with your phone and virtual office service.

Benefits of virtual office space in Dubai

The main cons of a virtual office are you are free to work from any location that suits you. It avoids the complications of searching for office space for rent in Dubai for your business activities. You can choose your own convenient time when to work, how long, as there is no deadline. You can streamline your work and do with coworkers without hiring employees and each section.

You can get plenty of affordable virtual office packages in the UAE, choose the most dedicated for your company to rent a PO box in the UAE. Besides, you will have to determine how many employees you need in the future real office. A virtual office is a separate industry, which has its own financial assets and special economic status.