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cleaning business set up in dubai

how to start a professional cleaning business in dubai

Reasons for starting a cleaning company in Dubai

Dubai is one of the popular tourist attractions in the world. There are always ever-increasing demands for cleaning services in shopping malls, apartments, restaurants, and rooms in Dubai. Those who have good cleaning ethics and communication skills can easily start a rewarding career in cleaning services in Dubai. A cleaning company requires minimal operating cost and less capital than any otherbusiness setup in dubaiBy providing high-quality services, we can thrive many connections in the UAE for running your business successfully. We can observe that during this covid 19 and pandemic situation, cleaning business starts mushrooming everywhere and studies show that there is high revenue from this sector in upcoming days. You have to keep your cleaning standards to make your clients satisfied and to get honest feedback from them. Depends on your cleaning skills, you can choose yours are of interest. Dubai has the most modern infrastructure, and it will be beneficial if you become an expert in any technology. You can select from basic car cleaning to superpower cleaning in industries.

Cleaning company setup in Dubai is a straightforward process and you have to deal with numerous clients from hotels, restaurants, hospitals, shops and retail units, industries. Always try to focus on the type of services you are dealing with, stay updated about the market trends, and services at reasonable prices attract many customers. If you are a big team working in an industrial sector, you need expensive machines, large productive units, investment, and the desired office space for rent in Dubai to formulate your business activities.

How to apply cleaning license in Dubai

  • Choose the category of cleaning

Basically, there are 3 types of categories of cleaning licenses depends on the type of activity. They are

  1. Industrial cleaning License-This includes cleaning large building spaces like factories, warehouses and machinery areas, and Big offices. It definitely requires high productive machinery and a large team of labor.
  2. Residential cleaning License-This includes cleaning your household, flats, villas, apartments,, and residential area. Organize a small team to offer reliable services to customers
  3. Commercial cleaning License-With commercial license, you should acquire good skills to clean the commercial spaces on contract.It is time consuming process and there is a large competition in this sector. This includes public places like shopping complexes, business centers.
  • Choose the right location

You can choose your location on the mainland or freezone depends on the type of activity. Always choose heavy traffic areas and near to large office complex. You require a UAE national as the local sponsor in mainland company formation and it would be super easy to get visa services in Dubai if you plan to register and operate in the mainland zone.

  • Research the market

Detailed analysis of the market is a fundamental part of business setup in UAE and helps to study your competitors. Choose your market depends on your requirements and by all means of long term commitments and expand your business in the future.

  • Applying for the license

You should acquire a professional license from the Department of economic development(DED) along with submitting necessary documents. Depends on your activity, DED provides licenses for aircraft cleaning, vehicle maintenance, and repairing, etc.

  • Buy cleaning equipment and hire cleaning agents

After getting a license, make a checklist of the right equipment and their quantity that should be bought. It may take some time to figure out the proper cleaning and waste dumping supplies based on your cleaning activity. Hire and make a good team of employees and give training on usage of equipment and cleaning procedures.

  • Business plan and marketing strategy

Make a blueprint of services that you can provide and build a contingency pan to choose the right customers, procedures as per the industry standards, advertising channels, etc.